About Lares

A Vast Array Of Capabilities

Lares Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of new and remanufactured power steering gears, manual steering gears, power steering pumps, and power steering components in the United States.

We stock or can remanufacture any steering gear, pump, control valve or cylinder of any year vehicle – all with our limited lifetime warranty. Lares can help you with all your needs for steering components – we have steering parts for you from the smallest car to the largest truck.

Available at Auto Stores Nation Wide

Lares is proud to be the supplier of steering components to many of the finest auto parts stores across the country. Check our Where To Buy page to find a store near you.

Fleet Manager Services

We are also the supplier of steering components for some of the largest fleets in the nation working with fleet managers to keep the vehicles rolling and safe. Call us to learn more about our fleet services.

Late Model Car, SUV, Truck or Vintage

At Lares Corporation, we have thousands of new and remanufactured steering components for vintage and late model cars and trucks. Our inventory includes power steering gears, manual steering gears, power steering pumps, power steering control valves, power steering cylinders, rag joint steering couplers and kits.

And More...

If we don’t have your part in stock, we can remanufacture your core. We work on every steering system ever made, from the oldest car to the newest truck. We also work on equipment including steering units for forklifts and airport ground support equipment. If it has a steering wheel, we can build it.

We’re here for you and steering you in the right direction.