Chevrolet Power Steering Control Valve


This control valve has been tested and balanced in our factory. However, if hard steering in one direction or steering turns by itself, the control valve will need to be balanced. With the piston rod disconnected from the frame bracket and the engine running, the piston rod will be fully extended or retracted if the control valve is out of balance. If piston rod remains retracted, turn adjusting nut (located under metal cap) clockwise until rod begins to move out, then turn nut counter-clockwise until rod begins to move in. (If rod remains extended, turn nut counter-clockwise.) Then turn the nut exactly one-half the rotation needed to change direction of the shaft movement. CAUTION: Do not turn nut back and forth more than absolutely necessary to balance the valve. THIS UNIT HAS BEEN PROPERLY LUBRICATED AT OUR FACTORY. DO NOT ADD GREASE.

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