Pump Installation


Power Steering Pump Installation

  1. Use a suitable puller to remove a pressed on pulley from the pump. DO NOT hammer the pulley to free it from the shaft.
  2. Install brackets, hoses and other parts on replacement pump.
  3. Use enclosed installation kit to install pulley. Use of any other tool will void the warranty.
  4. Tighten hex nut until pulley is flush with the shaft. Put pressure and return lines in a drain pan and using fluid approved for your car, fill reservoir flushing both lines until fluid runs clear.
  5. Install pump and tighten belt to correct tension.
  6. Bleed system (see page 1).
  7. If you have questions, call our tech line at 1-800-555-0638

Changing the Pump Reservoir

  1. If the replacement pump was supplied without the reservoir, remove and save all bolts and nuts. Then remove pressure fitting.
  2. Using a wooden block, carefully tap around the edges of the reservoir until it separates from the pump.
  3. Clean the reservoir thoroughly.
  4. Change all O-rings. Install new O-rings using a small amount of grease. Make sure the new O-rings are the same size as the old ones.
  5. Remove pressure fitting from new pump being careful not to let the flow control valve and spring to fall out.
  6. Line reservoir up with mounting holes and install bolts and pressure fitting finger tight.
  7. Press reservoir down until it seats on the pump. Tighten bolts and pressure fitting to correct torque specification.
  8. Install pulley using enclosed installation tool.

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